Logistics Center

Let us manage your logistics and experience more flexibility and stability.

Shipping Carriers

Please let us know if your preferred carrier is not on the list. We are open to negotiate new shipping carriers as well as you can always bring your own shipping agreement. Our large total volume guarantees that we are able to negotiate the best prices with each individual shipping carrier, support all major logistics partners, and competing prices.

E-commerce Integrations

This is only a few of the integrations we support. If you're shop is not on the list please reach out and ask if we support your shop system. Additionally we support almost every shop system through CartRower and our REST API.

Pick & Pack

We make sure that efficiency and quality is kept at a very high level with top modern fulfilment technologies. We also make sure that our barcode managed warehouse scans every single product multiple times before being fulfilled. Keeping mistakes to an absolute minimum is our top priority. We want you to spend more time on growing your business and less time on fixing inventory and order issues.


1.00 - 3.00 EUR
2.00 EUR
Incoming goods
Parcel investigations
Pickup at warehouse**
2.00 EUR
* All rates provided are indicative and might change individually pr. client.
** Warehouse pickups are prioritized and usually fulfilled within 30 minutes.

Shipping Rates*

28.44 DKK
52.15 SEK
4.70 EUR
United Kingdom
5.50 GBP
5.24 EUR
5.82 EUR
7.12 EUR
7.75 EUR
* All rates provided are indicative and based on the lowest size and weight pr. provider.
* All prices are incl. any charges like oil/diesel fees etc.

We are a team of passionate people that want to innovate solutions for the current, but growing e-commerce market. We want to make e-commerce easier for businesses, as we believe in easier ways to run a medium to large scale web shops without worrying about the technical aspects.

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