Codefort Projects

Building brands and businesses through our e-commerce experience and expertise.

A team to succeed

With multiple successfull projects behind us we have proven that a limitless attitude and dedicated motivation to succeed can take us very far when building brands and e-commerce projects. Througout the years we have build a team that takes any project from 0 - 100 in just a few weeks.

Marketing Channels


A platform for push and retargeting that allows high volume and growth.

Google Adwords

A high-quality marketing channel that allows you to reach highly convertible customers.


Search Engine Optimization is a great long-term investment for almost every business case.


Increase the lifetime value of your customers with email marketing automation and funnels.


Keep up with the newest trends and reach your customers on a platform with fewer competitors.


Spread your message in a visual way using the worlds fastest growing social platform.


Video ads targeted to specific segments that allows for a high quality brand strategi.


Make sure to get the most out of your visitors by retargeting your most interrested audience. Allowing you to collect low-cost conversions.

We are a team of passionate people that want to innovate solutions for the current, but growing e-commerce market. We want to make e-commerce easier for businesses, as we believe in easier ways to run a medium to large scale web shops without worrying about the technical aspects.

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