Referral Program

Are you happy with our services? Introduce your network and you can earn up to 25% off their purchases the first year.

How it works

Our referral program is very manageable with no tracking links, no cookies, no surprises. Get in touch with us when you want to onboard someone you know, and we will take it from there. Afterwards, you will receive a percentage of the revenue your referral generates the first year.

Referral Rates

Codefort ONE
25 %
E-commerce Marketing
25 %
Logistics Center
Web Development
We reserve the right to refuse any client we do not believe is a good match for our business.

We are a team of passionate people that want to innovate solutions for the current, but growing e-commerce market. We want to make e-commerce easier for businesses, as we believe in easier ways to run a medium to large scale web shops without worrying about the technical aspects.

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